#watched #DarkMatter S1E7

EPISODE PLOT: "The crew manages to gain access to the ship's secret room. Inside, they find a stasis pod carrying Sarah, a woman from Three's past with a deteriorating disease, and an android named Wendy (Ruby Rose) , who is programmed to perform a wide range of activities, including cooking, games, and sex. As Sarah fills in Three on their history together, Wendy's programming is replaced with orders to destroy the Raza by Cyrus King, a man who wants revenge on the crew and knew the android would be activated." (Wiki)

In S1E7 we see further reveals of the crew's pasts, including that of THREE and his past history with a revived "Sarah", and bittersweet tenderness and aftermath … as well a "development" in ONE and TWO's will-they-or-will-they-not status, and even actress Zoie Palmer's Android had a chance to somewhat stretch her "acting" chops! Or rather, "linguistic" abilities … :p

Alas all these might have somewhat been sidelined by the glamor and attention of Ruby Rose's guest appearance here.

S1E7 was essentially a Ruby Rose-focus episode, featuring the Australian model as a "Entertainment Robot" who cooks, provides massages and well, other "personal entertainment" aspects … for which I've plenty of screengrabs to share (in a thinly veiled attempt at scoring bloghits and eyeballs ~ *cough*) …

BUT the good times don't last, and things turn dire for the crew who have been enjoying her "skills" … further into the episode, resulting in a pretty quick and deciding end to "Wendy" … or was it?

I've not had the pleasure of seeing Ruby Rose in Orange Is The New Black (as I am taking a self-imposed break before starting Season Three where she appears as "Stella"), so this would be my first time seeing her acting chops, well, "in action". Let's just say she has tons of charm and verve seen in online youtube interview videos, and leave it at that.

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