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I managed to catch new Netflix series "Sense8" and finished all 12 episodes over a weekend, and I walked away "confused" - not by the show's premise, but at my own impressions of the series.

Having been intrigued with the premise and trailer, I'd decided to give the The Wachowskis a go (even after the disappointing "Jupiter Ascending"), and having J. Michael Straczynski on the creators' list shouldn't be too bad, no?

I was met with a slow-burner of a series, and by ep#2, I had literally thought of giving up and moving on to another series, but decided to stick thru the gorgeous visuals with intense colors, the Bollywood dance scene, the obtrusive in-your-face but sometimes evocative music score, til the end credits for Ep.12.


01. Characters who sometimes whispered their lines, which to me is a 360* turn from Asia-based tv shows, where most folks are screaming/shouting their lines - cue Singapore / Taiwan / China tv series (essentially mostly Mandarn speaking shows) … the nuances expressed in this series was sublime and splendid, methinks!

02. THAT "glitch-in-The-Matrix" moment-explanation for "deja-vu" found another theme to rear it's head here too, and "4 Non Blondes" get another lease of media life here LOL :)


…the doom-n-gloom vibe throughout the series that left me uncomfortable throughout said-series, which by the end of said series had me feeling a tad "empty" - even though I was smiling physically - sass perhaps my patience had by then been all but evaporated...

But as to what I had thought of the series? Or if it is worth recommending? … I am somewhat at a loss for a definitive answer...

#watching #SENSE8 Ep.9 while trying my hardest not to pull out my hair for the Internet lag ...

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A couple folks asked me about the show on Facebook, to which my literal response was;
"…half of me feels (after completing 12 eps) - "Wah lau eh! Like that niah?" ... and the other half is glad I stuck it thru to finish it ... it is a slow burner, with pace only picking up after ep.5 ... tons of "adult entertainment" tho, including male frontal, female upper torso nudity, gay sex and even an intense and clear orgy scene - not for the highly conservative or kiddies at all, I must warn you first ... don't later see it in front of your parents or kids then rush to switch off hahahaha."
The sexual content did not bother me as much as the slow languid pace had been, truth be told … although said pace did somehow heightened the "flaws", giving it time to "shine", or most probably I/we have been imbued with too much flashing programming and instant gratification, this might be a test of patience to some, it certainly was to me at the beginning. With that said, by the ed of Ep.12 I did not want the series to end! hahaha And I would be intrigued to see if there is a 2nd series after this, although I cannot say for certain I will follow the new series…


#watching #SENSE8 Ep.12 finale and I don't it to end ...

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FYI: "The images up top were first screen-snapped on my iPhone 3 off the laptop screen-monitor (hence the lack of sharpness and color :p) as I watched the episode(s), and posted on my Instagram @toysrevil, then montaged and blogged about here :)"
FYI#2: "Wah lau eh! Like that niah?" = is Hokkien=Singlish with the literal translation being "What the heck? That's it?"