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EPISODE 2 SYNOPSIS: "The crew of the Raza deal with a claim by Ferrous Corp over the mining planet. Two decides to seek the assistance of the Mikkei Combine and negotiates a 99 year lease to protect the miners." (Wiki)

DARK MATTER continued the intrigue revealed from Ep.1, and the crew of The Raza continues forth with their lil'revolt against Ferrous Corp, concluding in Ep.2, while Ep.3 begins a new "mystery" with a new discovery, and the crew comes up with a way to find out who the interloper might be, which technically might not have been successful as it showed, but for the "surprise" at the end of Ep.3, making Ep.4 a "must-watch" hahaha

I am appreciative Dark Matter had been a slow burner, although I hope it does not wear out the attention span, least of all for me anywyas :p

EPISODE 3 SYNOPSIS: "When the ship mysteriously veers off course, suggestions of sabotage abound, fueling the onboard paranoia. A perilous spacewalk is required to bring the ship's systems back online." (Wiki)

Oooooohh a$$kicking No.2 in #DarkMatter S1E3 - turning me on *man-giggle* #yesiamshallow #iliketeevee

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And sorry, my eyes had been on "Portia Lin" (who insisted on being called "Two" instead), who again had a chance to flex per appearance, mores than anyone else on the ship, besides the Android and #5 … come to think of it, the female characters seemed more "stronger" as opposed to the whiney boys, innit? LOL

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And what's this about "corridors"? Watching the first three episodes so far, seems the fascination for "space ship corridor(s)" scenes / establishing shots have become increasingly regular … or does it all point to / telegraph an involvement of The Raza itself, as a yet-identified "character" in the crew? I would not be too surprised to one day "hear" the ship "talk" to the crew … and while I have not read nor know of the source material stories ("Dark Matters" was adapted from a comicbook since published by Dark Horse), I am intrigued by the premise teased thus far …

*SPOILER* for Ep.3 Ending:

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