#TVTALK: Reactions to #iZombie 1x01-06

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What are the odds that the only episode I watched when I first got turned off #iZombie had to be the more uninspired of the episodes in the series so far? (It was Ep.2 btw) - I am so really liking the series - which I had started from Ep.1 and currently just finished Ep.6, and am intrigued to continue to see how they'd stretch the drama and subplots out. I d not have the burden of reading the original graphic novels (fancy name for "comicbooks", as far as I am concerned), so am not bogged down by source-continuity.

The cheesiness is inspiring. The words can be very witty at times. The premise though, is getting a tad stale and here's hoping the zombie romance could lead to more mayhem, heartbreak and full-on-zombie mode feasting somewhen soon … although my question is, would "Sriracha sauce" finally get the iconic status it deserves now? :p

Here's the "extended promo" for Ep.7 titld "Maternity Liv";