Threezero To Do "Jon Snow" from Game of Thrones in 1/6

"You Know Nothing, Jon Snow."

With Tyrion Lannister and Eddard Stark under their production belt, Threezero teases their next 1/6th-scaled character figure from "Game Of Thrones", with "Jon Snow" slated for pre-orders in May 2015! Updates on my main TOYSREVIL-blog when I get them!

It is highly regrettable that I have yet to view a single episode of Game of Thrones. Although I had on numerous occassions chanced across an airing or two, I had decided not to watch it, as I intend to one day binge the entire series, but have since not started and am unsure if I ever will chase the show, as it might have gone too far in, for me to recover ... but who know such thing s... heh.