Pop! Television: Vikings from Funko

FUNKO PRESS: "We're excited to share our Pop! vinyl figures based on characters from the historical drama, Vikings!

The series centers around Ragnar Lothbrok, legendary viking chieftain and self-proclaimed descendent of the Norse god Odin, as he fights his way into becoming Scandinavian royalty!

Other Vikings Pop!'s include Ragnar's ruthless brother Rollo, whose Christian name we've kindly omitted, Floki, the incorrigible shipbuilder who, oddly, doesn't know how to swim, and Ragnar's shieldmaiden Lagertha makes for strong company considering how she's battled her way into Viking leadership! Of course, each of their fates can be seen through the shamanistic powers of the Seer!

Available in May!"

I've only managed to watch a sole episode from this series and could hardly manage to sit through more episodes, not because I did not like what I see, but because I know I'd be hooked and then I'd be in anguish having to binge-watch the entire series, like how I dearly wnt to watch - but avoid doing so - "Game of Thrones" … the swords and sandals trend we see on the big screen has gotten smaller and closer to out homes LOL