ATTACK ON TITAN New "Live Action" Digital TV Series

Even before the live-action feature film hits the silver screen, comes word of the live-action TV adaptation of Japanese anime/manga ATTACK ON TITAN, to launch in August, to tie in the with feature film premiere (August 13th in Singapore). And no, neither Eren and Mikasa are the principal characters here!
"The series will tell a new story about the everyday lives and secrets of soldiers, and will tie in to the two live-action films. The series will star Satomi Ishihara, who is reprising her role as Hanji from the two live-action films. Shinji Higuchi is also returning from the two live-action films to direct the show. The series will stream on dTV — Docomo's revamped streaming video service — starting in August." - reported Anime News Network

Yes, "Hanji" is that Hange Zoë - the squad leader of the Survey Corps, who had somewhat of an obsession with researching on Titans (as I remembered the anime version to be). Interesting focus here and I hope to see what they do with her and the direction of this series! The following cast will also reprise their roles (from the movie:
Nanami Sakuraba as "Sasha" (she is kawaii with the potato in hand OMGOMGOMG)
Shu Watanabe as "Fukushi"
Rina Takeda as "Lil"
Ayame Misaki as "Hiana"
Yūta Hiraoka will join the cast as a new character for the show.

Who knows? Maybe after the 2-parter feature film, it would be cool if Eren and/or Mikasa make a guest appearance? I know Hanji would be overjoyed to "see" Eren LOL

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