"Empowered" Featurette for Marvel's #JessicaJones (Season 2) on Netflix

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: "The cast and crew of Marvel's Jessica Jones take you behind the scenes and discuss new reveals and challenges their characters will tackle this season. "

"Maybe you can't move past it without actually facing it." Well, this has certainly worked for me, but then again I don't have super-powers, which more probably would add another level of emotion (The adage "With more powers come more responsibility" is true, I reckon), and that certain adds a dimension to a fictional character - with or with "super-powers" - that makes "Jessica Jones" such a riveting follow, IMHO. She is "us", but with an added "wish fulfilment" of having "super powers", BUT with consequences...

Season 2 of Marvel's Jessica Jones premieres March 8th on Netflix.

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