"Tell Me What Happened, that Unholy Bright"... BRIGHT on Netflix for Dec 22nd Premiere.

A sequel for Netflix's BRIGHT has since been ordered, prior to its debut screening on Netflix, while folks who had a chance to review and watch it on the big screens (in the USA) are somewhat "divided" on their enjoyment of this 2-hour long feature, directed by David Ayer, and starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.

Just glancing at reactions (EVERYBODY is doing "reactions" online these wwwdays lol), seems the critics hated it, while "fans" loved it. And while it might not be fair to bring "The Last Jedi" into this discussion, seems "polarising films" are IN, heralding a interesting year-end, indeed!

Meanwhile, I personally cannot wait to watch the film, as much as I loved David Ayer-pre-"Suicide Squad" (hey, I didn't hate "S.S." either), I cannot wait to see fantasy elements collide with "reality"!

Here are a couple of clips to tide your wait for the premiere on Netflix, December 22nd, 2018. "Tell Me What Happened" (shown up top) is a straight-up scene from the film, while "Unholy Bright" attempts to bring some "festive cheer" to your TV-life lol