STRANGER THINGS Stuff Seen @ Designer Con 2017

The annual “Designer Con” exploded during the weekend (of Nov 11-12th) at Pasadena Convention Center, USA, and while I’ve featured on my TOYSREVIL-blog art toys and collectibles aplenty, THIS post on #iliketeevee however, focuses on STRANGER THINGS-stuff! ENJOY!

P/S: There might be plenty more at DCON, so please do leave a comment here or tag me on Instagram @toysrevil, so I can update this list! Don't forget to mention if you are planning to sell them post-event, too!

Eleven vs. Demogorgon by @imjsalvador. #designercon2017 #dcon2017 #designercon #strangerthings

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signing toys over here! #superemofriends booth 880! #lootcrate #strangerthings

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