The A-Team of Game of Thrones (Spoilers for S7E5)

If you have not watched Episode 5 of GAME OF THRONES Season 7, DO NOT CLICK PLAY on this video! Pretty much spoilers on what had transpired in said episode, which led to footage seen in this video, which was in turn a preview of Episode 6!

So this is a mash-up of the classic opening sequence music of the classic "The A-Team" TV series, set to the edited scenes of GOT7 and I have to admit, at the end of the ep, as the gentlemen stepped foot into the icy hands, I was fist-punching so haaaaaaard - and seeng THIS video on Facebook, was perfect!

“Confused,” yet? GO WATCH GoT now and spare me more Future Spoiler Warnings, thanks! LOL

Actual preview of Episode 6: