The CW’s #Riverdale - “Deeper” Trailer

”The deeper you go, the darker the secrets.”

Yes, the emo train for the Z Generation on The CW continues with this adaptation of ARCHIE COMICS, with the titular town “Rivervale” now as the backdrop - and name of this series - with a murder mystery to further complicate the school life of "Archie Andrews" and gang! "Betty Cooper" is still a babe, like in the comic books I remembered (even tho unreality I'd have veered towards the "Veronica"s ~ *blushes*).

I have become more intrigued with the “older” actors involved, actually - actors from my generation of tween tv series too - Mädchen Amick & Luke Perry! Do you recognise them? :)

Riverdale premieres January 26, 2017 on The CW.