Remembering Priyanka Chopra from “Krrish”

I was discussing with my (ex) film students about visual references, when I remembered this music video from the Indian film “Krrish”, for the song “Koi Tumsa Nahin” - which I adored way back when!

Then upon watching it, I recognized+remembered “Priyanka Chopra” AKA “Alex Parrish” from ABC’s “Quantico”, so I thought it would be a fun reference to put out there, in case anyone thought she just popped out of "nowhere" - NOT that I've heard/read anyone who said, just an excuse for me to post this, I guess muahahahahaha

(I have since heard this song 3 times back-to-back before even publishing this, fhanks LOL)

A lot of the movie’s location was filmed in Singapore too, back when the film was released worldwide in June 2006, and when Priyanka was around 24 years of age.