#watched #Lucifer S2 Ep1-6 #Spoilers

The first time we saw Lucifer Morningstar being “Lucifer”, was in Season One Episode One, where his eyes glowed red … … then if course there was the ”Red-Skull”-ish head, and the flashes of red face (see above video clip), and of course constant red-glowing-eyes … and it’s taken about 19 episodes (13+6) where Lucifer finally shows his “face” (in S2E6), and he doesn’t have “horns”?

Screengrabbed and *SPOILER AHEAD*

Season 2 has been pretty “fun” so far … Mummy Escaped from Hell is literally the definition of a MILF - but is uber “caring” to her sons in the most eerily-pleasant sort of way … and becoz “Tricia Helfer”, and that’s enough to keep me watching, fhanks. Maze the Demon becomes roomies in with Detective Chloe (whose ex-pornstar history suddenly is not mentioned again, ever), and Detective “Douche” returns as an underling to Chloe. Amenadiel has angel-problems, and their brother Uriel returns with Azarel’s dagger, ready to kill! But “someone” struck first, and all semblance of the smarmy Lucifer in the first season, becomes all-too-human, six episodes in.

The “angsty-fun” and “guilty-pleasure” seems somewhat sucked out of this current season (thus far), and the police-procedural takes the main focus, while the daddy issues and troubles become a subplot? Things feel somewhat “sanitised” this time around, and as much cheeky bondage and sexual hints they oft sprinkle into the eps, it just feels … “pedestrian”, methinks.

Oh Gods but I missed Season One tho…

I cannot say the series had been “boring” thus far, and neither can I claim it has been a top-notch-watch … and I’m only moved to blog about the series having seen Lucifer’s “Colossal Titan”-look (go brush up on your “Attack On Titan”), truth be told … but the notion of the show still intrigues me enough to continue watching it weekly, so I await the shitstorm that I hope will happen in Lucifer’s life, than will hopefully pay off my patience and loyalty watching LUCIFER … Heh.