Coming Soon: #PennyDreadful Ep8+9 Finale

Penny Dreadful ends their third season with a 2-episode scheduled for xxxx, with Eps 8+9 no doubt heading to the conclusion of the Vanessa xoxox Dracula story, whereby wombat Ethan, Sir Malcom and Kaetenay return to London to see what happens after V+D consummate their love, and of course the inevitable confrontation between Ethan and Sweet … I wonder if it is about their "love" for Vanessa? Or their for selfish individualistic reasons - Eternal Evil and Darkness for Dracula? And the notion of self-redemption for Mr Chandler / Mr Talbot? Or simply a fulfillment of his "destiny", in the case of Ethan, as convenient foretold by the clairvoyant / witch-doctor in Kaetenay?

In every "fate and destiny" foretelling, "good" might triumph over "evil", but it never really says "walk together happily into the sunset", does it?

I drew the below featured "tribute sketch" before reading about Ethan versus Sweet in the subsequent eps, as I'd figured they'd look pretty awesome if either lets loose their "wild" side and have a go at each other! Will we ver see this happen? Or will it carry on into the 4th season?

Nevertheless, let us await in baited breath for Sunday to come, and meanwhile, click thru my art blog to see the steps I took to achieve the final drawing :)