TOYSREVIL's Top Ten TV Shows of 2015

I am doing "Top Ten" lists across the board of all some of my blogs, and since I'd only started this www-spot in March 2015, I'd simply thought there'd be not much of a problem picking my fav watches, no?

Although I'd been watching a whole lot of online+offline television at home (beg "self-employed" is my excuse) - from K-dramas, to J-dramas, and your usual Hollywood fare - all in the list today were series I followed from front till the end, while left on the "considerations floor" were loads I'd given up watching after a few eps …

The requirements are straightup simple: The shows needed to ENTERTAIN ME, without too much of cerebral angst or disillusionment, or a sad vague attempt at trying to be something they are not ("Aspiration" is fine, but not when it comes with shoddy work). I am not about "awards-winning" shows, or "critically acclaimed" projects, but rather whatever appeals to my senses, including character development and/or usage and/or presentation, design and style of presentation.

AND it also does not mean I have watched "everything", but just shows on my weekly watch-list, yeh? There are tons I have yet to devour, like "Jessica Jones", "Supergirl", "Arrow", "Flash", "Agents of SHIELD" ... heck, I have not even watched a single season or ep of "Game of Thrones" - imagine that! LOL

The TOP few titles were easy picks, but the last few were a bit of a struggle, as there were quite a few ties, but nevertheless - presenting the first ever I LIKE TEEVEE TOP TEN TV SHOWS OF 2015 - which (a) I have watched in full (regardless of resolution), (b) watched in the year 2015 (regardless of original air-time), and (c) does not included anime :)


#10 iZombie Season One (on #iliketeevee)

WHY: The first season was a must watch for me, although cliched to the hilt, it offered a splendid round of entertainment value with each episode, each deadbrain eats leading to different characters, and I really liked that! One major component of thi was the dialog, and ironically, I have been watching reruns of "Veronica Mars" lately on cable, and am enjoy what I hear :)

I watched the entire series both online and on local television (cable).

Alas, Season Two fell flat for me after a coupla eps as it turned teenage crush-drama and tried too hard to sex-up (I'm not a prude, but the charm wore off pretty quick), alas…

#9 EX GIRLFRIENDS CLUB (on #iliketeevee)

WHY: At the end of it all, I enjoyed the general tomfoolery of it all, and as well something different from the family/rich-poor/mistress-kid-themes all-too-commonly seen in K-dramas shown on local cable/channels (The Heng household watches a huge chunk of K-programming thanks to cable).

I had enjoyed the non-too-complicated farce, the pretty girls, and a slice of K-life unseen in aforementioned K-dramas. I was charmed by the premise, and the flawed characters. I followed this series online :)

#8 EMPIRE Season One (on #iliketeevee)

WHY: The first season was awesome, and I could not get me enough of Cookie! Watching this online via shitty resolution by far outweighs crisp-clear visuals on local cable but censored to sometimes incomprehensible scenarios.

Maybe I've been desensitized, but the censored stuff is hardly mind-bogglingly risque, ya know? But of course guy-on-guy kissing would upset the conservatives sumthin' fierce, no doubt. The characters might primarily be cliched cut-outs, but they embodied tons of emotions and feels, so kudos to the actors for keeping it real - delish!

Second season? I lost interest half-way. Watching it on local tv and as well compared same eps online, the censorship trued me off totally. The angst and drama feels a bit too forced now. The "freshness" has gone slightly off now, IMHO. But the first season? Drama-GOLD.

#7 UnREAL Season One (on #iliketeevee)

WHY: I cannot believed I enjoyed this show so much more than I had expected I would! So much so I found myself constantly clicking on "refresh page" to see if new episodes has been uploaded!

Pretty girls, bitches in front of and behind the cameras, and yes, I have a "weakness" for "behind-the-production-scenes" concepts :p

You can watch the first season free on, but alas it does not show in Singapore.

I'd watched the entire season online first, then they aired this on local cable ("Lifetime" channel, of course), which by then I might or might not have caught incidental episodes again … :p

#6 THE PRODUCERS Season One (on #iliketeevee)

WHY: This South Korean tv series might still be of the sappy romance persuasion in most cases (I am all-alright with that tho!), but the theme and genre was as refreshing as it was a swell trip down memory lane for me, but for my tenure at a local broadcasting station decades back … and while I was not working in production (I was in set design), the characters and scenarios were spot-on.

The comedy was subtle gold in most cases, even though it was all subtitled LOL

#5 DARK MATTER Season One (on #iliketeevee)

WHY: This series came on at the same time with Killjoys (which ultimately did not make my top ten this year), but was shoulders above with the manufactured drama and intrigue, which really helped this mystery aspect of this space sci-fi, and I've always liked group ensembles and dynamics in space, so this was a shoo-in :)

I cannot wait to see what happens next season OMG!

Only when after I caught the entire series online, then it was broadcast on local tv cable ~ LOL

#4 MY LOVE FROM THE STARS (on #iliketeevee)

WHY: This South Korean series might have been aired in 2014, but the 21 episodes series had a rerun on local television screens Channel U, and I was thoroughly engrossed, even though it had been dubbed in Chinese/Mandarin at this point (I'd always prefer the original audio, even for anime).

I have become a HUGE Gianna Jun-fan after this (previously I was just fueled by lustful leering ~ *cough*).

The Heng family brood sat together for this nightly too LOL

#3 DAREDVIL Season One (on #iliketeevee)

WHY: I marathoned this entire series in a coupla days after finding a decent resolution online stream, and could not get enough of it! Or to be precise, if the entire series had ended with just this season, I would still be happy with this!

I realized I stopped needing to look at it as a "superhero" film, and frankly, I was not too jazzed when Matt Murdoch donned the "new" Daredevil suit tho, but that's just me and my tender sensibilities ...

I did not managed to devour "Jessica Jones" by 2015, for I suspect I might have loved it and made it on this list, but alas...

#watching #OrangeIsTheNewBlack S1E3 ... I think I'm really liking this :)

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#2 ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Seasons One & Two (on #iliketeevee)

WHY: Season One and Season Two were judiciously devoured online, and I found myself raving about this 2013-2014 series to people who were egging to watch the 3rd season … ever the man ace in time, I suppose … but for some reason, I never could start with Season Three (even if it had Ruby Rose :p) … somehow feeling I don't want my wonderful viewing experience to be tainted with sub-par results … not that I've read anything as such online, but maybe the video clips on youtube did not endear myself to OITNB?

#watched #NARCOS S1E1 and will be continuing forth with the series! #iliketeevee

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#1 NARCOS Season One (on #iliketeevee)

WHY: I'm a Chinese dude living n a lil Red Dot that which is Singapore, and had not stepped foot in United States soil before evah, much less be aquatinted with the drugs that seem to infest the nation, and nations surrounding it - so the allure of this dealt mainly with a thickly veiled ignorance of interest, so "authenticity" was not an issue for me, but to enjoy the drama involved in this series, and of like-minded/themed drug-themed television or feature film products from Hollywood.

Loving the design, the tempo, treatment of this series, and am somewhat satisfied with the first season, and do not need to wait for nor watch second season too.