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Missing the first episode on iZombie Season 2 on th telly, I was not overtly distraught, knowing that the www would grant me a reprieve, and it did, and I am glad for it :)

The cliffhanger left in the finale of Season 1 was somewhat disappointingly "resolved" , although it made sense what happened (I don't know what i was expecting otherwise tho … more "drama" perhaps? Not very iZombie, I reckon, huh?) … and hence we move on to the aftermath …

The "hairs stand on skin" is an interesting after-effect, having happened to two persons too, and their path in the new season is interesting (to say the least) - although "Major"'s chosen "new career" seems somewhat script-forced, versus the "natural progression" of what "Blaine" has chosen to do… sorry, no spoilers here, folks :p

"Liv" is back and I realized I missed her so! And she's taken more "effort" in making her brain-meals now, isn't she? I see a "iZombie Brain Cookbook" coming down the line soon, people!

Same Sh*t Different Day for everyone else, which is perfect for me - as I'd rather have NEW characters and plot twists, then see existing characters "change" … and I am loving Liv's new "room mate" status! Once people know "Clark Kent" is "Superman", you know interesting things are gonna happen next, yeah? Nice job!

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And does Olivia "Liv" Moore look somewhat slightly more "attractive" this time around? I know I might be exposing my "per" here, but don't you think they are "sexing" Liv up a little bit more this season? More lower cut, and tighter fitting tops? And there was even a scene of her in a mini skirt? Wah? Look I'm no prude but, "Zombie fan service" much?

Actually I shouldn't be complaining as I do not "dislike" it hahaha

Truth be told - and I have no doubt this might be taboo to discuss - but I was a bit worried when actress Rose McIver's weight seem to fluctuate in Season One, and by that I meant in a "health" way (NOT outwardly aesthetics…), with bloated faces and a general demeanor that might not necessarily be due to make-up … here's hoping things are better and resolved now (if there EVER was a "health" issue), as Rose as Liv looks positively radiant here … as radiant as a zombie could look, anyways!

The CW's iZombie Season Two will consist of 18 episodes :)

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