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SYNOPSIS: "The Killjoys find their real rhythm as a trio while protecting a group of gorgeous Surrogates under siege in a badlands fortress. It's a manic, bullet-riddled ride to get to safety, while negotiating the ugly side of Qreshi politics." (IMDb)

MY SPOILER-ISH TAKE: KILLJOYS S1E4 is titled "Vessel" and it refers to the "human" variety, whereby surrogate mothers in the form of young nubile ladies carry heirs to dynasties. I Like it when the show attempts to reference the "real world" but only address it, but not discuss it too deeply, nor push it down our collective throats, and as a man who enjoys such superficial encounters (as opposed to long-drawn debates), this works well for me … and I am being serious here, no hint of sarcasm at all, really.

And it is good to see the trio coming together and working as a "team", and they pretty well kick are when they work like clockwork, I'll give them that. Besides the politics, and even further mysteries are added to both Dutch and D'avin's past(s), I did enjoy this episode, as muc as the "nuns-with-guns" line in the teaser disappointed me here hahahaha

Here's a teaser for Ep.5 … and KUDOS for IMDB for the episodic updates and stills (of course most probably maintained by the producers of "Killjoys"), much appreciated, really!

Official Stills via IMDb linked above:

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  1. i like that they are slowly revealing more about the Quad with each episode, hopefully they established all the "rules" beforehand and are not making them up as they go along. i'm glad that the vessels took their responsibilities seriously despite dutch being dismissive.


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