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*Be Warned This Is A Spoiler-filled Post about DARK MATTER S1E4*

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Episode 3 ended with the introduction of a second (more "sinister" version of) "Jace Corso", which is addressed in this episode, when they come face-to-face and certain revelations are put forth, which is somewhat drummed into the script when SIX sees a video advertisement on "cloning" while waiting for his turn at a clinic.

With that out of the way, let's do a quick recap of S1E4, shall we? (Full "official" recap here on SyFy.com):

The Raza docks at a waystation and the crew disembarks to get into a variety of hijinks while refueling and resupplying the ship.

TWO and FIVE attempts to hawk off some stuff found on the ship for cashmoney, while ending up in a gambling establishment and getting into a spot of deadly trouble, leaving the pair somewhat estranged afters.

ONE and THREE attempts to sell a box of their weapons cache, and meets "the other Jace" at the same time …. my favorite part of this ep is when TWO plays ONE and THREE against themselves! *She Rawks* LOL

#watching #DarkMatter S1E4 did Two just play the boys? Niiiiice!

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SIX visits the clinic to check out his burn on the arm, and witnesses the "cloning" video ad - which seemed to tie in with what might be happening with our crew on The Raza …

FOUR ventures forth to find out the ring he deboxes from the previous ep., to further find out his nefarious past connection to his father and family roots … my bet is on HIM being the perpetrator of the mind-wipe LOL

And essentially that's about it. And SIX essentially recaps the whole scenario at the end of this ep too LOL

After 4 episodes of Dark Matter, I remain intrigued still, and what to continue with the series, especially with "space zombies" being trailed for Ep#5? WOOT!

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