#watched The Producers - Episode 9-10 #KDrama

The "theme" every episode of The Producers K-Drama series from is conveniently based on the chapters of the broadcast guide-book authored by (Variety) Chief Producer in fictional KBS, "Kim Tae-ho" (played by Park Hyuk-kwon), which he funnily pitched to the rookies in Ep.1 to purchase :p

The focus of Episode #9 was veered toward IU's character, pop-starlet "Cindy" (continuing from Ep#8), and we get to know some of her past, and no doubt in time we will also get to see her road to stardom and what sacrifices she had/has to make … Ep#10 saw her attempting to get her own starlet-life in order, and I find myself rooting for her!

Ep#9 was also the first time we get to see behind-the-scenes "NG" (AKA "No Good") outtakes. with the actors being showcased, and I loved it! Hopefully in time I'll be able to find a embeddable video to share here tho HERE's a taste (without Eng Subs tho :p0:

This episode was about "confessions", with Baek Seung-chan (Kim Soo-hyun) having a go (the subsequent conversation is hilariously "The Producers"-style), and Cindy has her chance to say to everyone in public during a performance a speech that warms me further to her character … even Ra Joon-mo (Cha Tae-hyun) managed to somehow convey his thoughts to Tak Ye-jin (Gong Hyo-jin) … altho in typical Joon-mo-style, it was not as effectively clear as the intention (*facepalm-worthy* LOL) … and through this love-love-drama, another PD gives in to his desire for a certain "office manager" … and if you've followed the series, you can guess who they are … and surprisingly this subplot distraction was not as irritating as I had imagined hahahaha …

Episode #10 deals with the ramifications of the previous ep, with

I liked the "straight talk" underneath bedsheets between Joon-mo (not under the blanket) and Ye-jin (under the blanket) which addressed their current relationship status in a surprisingly and welcomed "adult" manner, while Baek Seung-chan (funny his name is always mentioned in full by Ye-Jin heehee) confesses his love for his Senior in a way that was foiled at first but managed to get the message across in the end … and aaaah yes, i cannot wait to see what happens next in Ep.11 from what happened at "the end" of Ep#10!

South Korean dramas love their multi-cornered love triangles, and in the case of The Producers, "quadrangles" would be more apt LOL

My favorite bits of this ep was when Cindy attended the in-person meeting of the "Anti-Cindy Club" from her hate forum (OMG Delicious lOL), and also when Ye-Jin, in her usual style of obliviousness think that the person who Baek Seung-chan is in love with, is Cindy...

My current fave K-Drama :)

FYI: "Most images here were first screen-snapped on my iPhone 3 off the laptop screen-monitor (hence the lack of sharpness and color :p) as I watched the episode(s), and posted on my Instagram @toysrevil, then montaged and blogged about here :)"