#watched Orange Marmalade Episode 5 - Beginning of Joseon period era #KDrama

When the trailers showed for Episode 5 of Orange Marmalade, it baffled me and turned me off somewhat, when the timeline of the story shifted abruptly to the Joseon era? Gone were the school-lovey-dovey days of angst and regret, and enter a period drama! Having gone thru the phase and seen my fair share of court intrigues, hanboks and "gats" (think "cowboy hat" in old westerns :p), I was not yet ready about to embark on another period series fhanks LOL

So it was with curiosity I watched through Ep.5, and came away surprised at enjoying it, somewhat!

(Watch full screen for Eng subs)

The premise remains somewhat the same: Vampires exist within humanity, but more as rumors and lore to the humans, while vampires themselves are essentially split between the would-be-conquerors, and the family-styled peace loving village folks.

The actors continuingly play similarish character roles, sometimes sightly against type, but overall everyone is more animated in this thatn before!

Yeo Jin-goo as Jung Jae-min plays the righteous scholar wannabe who is betrothed to Gil Eun-hye as Jo Ah-ra the otherwise bitch other girl who wants Jae-min's affections and attention, while Lee Jong-hyun as Han Si-hoo is the slacker troublemaker human student, who I think no doubt would be turned into a vampire in later eps (LOL). The parental figures continue their path somewhat skewered, while a whole lot more "adult" roles are introduced here.

I have not perused the webcomic for which Orange Marmalade is/was based/adapted from, so I have zero clue about the origins nor purpose of this time-shift.

"Playing flute by the river in a lovely green forest" trope rears it's head again through the ages, but totally complemented by the ever-blank look of Kim Seolhyun as Baek Ma-ri hahahaha

BUT there is one huge difference in her performance here; I have never seen such emotive, gregarious expressions from her! The stone-cold-lifeless "Ma-Ri" seen in previous 4-eps now gives way to a gorgeous young lady I am interested to find out more about what happens to her! But alas, I do not have the urge to follow through on the series, and has since decided to stop following the weekly episodes.

FYI: "Most images here were first screen-snapped on my iPhone 3 off the laptop screen-monitor (hence the lack of sharpness and color :p) as I watched the episode(s), and posted on my Instagram @toysrevil, then montaged and blogged about here :)"

Here's Ep 6 (watch full screen for Eng Subs) for your perusal tho :)