Constantine on DC's Legends of Tomorrow

I personally enjoy "John Constantine" the comicbook character from DC Comics, having collected a prolonged run of Verigo's "Hellblazer" comicbook (*It might not mean much to you, but it does to me), and even enjoyed the Keanu Reeves feature film - primarily because of the allure of "Constantine" the man-warlock with a trench coat, with the ever cheeky-smirk behind those perpetually lit cigarettes ... and even the 2014-2015 mini tv series that starred "Matt Ryan" in the tituler role (which I tied but never did publish on my #iliketeevee blog, unfortunately) ... so yeah, I am a "bit of a fan"... (although I did miss his appearance on Arrow :p).

So when I found out Matt Ryan's "John" will be guest starring in the return of the mid-season episode of DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, the first thing that popped into my mind? "I wish I had a proper John Constantine action figure." - And by that I mean a proper 1/6th scaled articulated figure!

Ok, to be fair, seeing him at the end of the ep before their mid-season break in early-December left me pretty excited for his return, I admit :)

Anyways, I wondered why I'd never kitbashed a 12" figure myself, as his clothes are pretty doable, and I've even somewhat gotten a trench coat from yonks back too!

And truth be told, I'm okay with a "generic"-looking head sculpt (with blonde messy hair) too, as the "John Constantine" I "know" goes much more beyond the TV or comicbook versions, IMHO. One of the joys of comicbooks, is that there is much more room for "imagination", at least to the kidult mind that is typing this tho...

"John Constantine" stars in Ep#10 of Season Three (titled "Daddy Darhkest") of DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW when it returns to The CW on a new Monday slot, February 12, 2018.