Black Mirror S4 Trailers for “Hang The DJ”, “Black Museum” and “Metalhead”

And while I’ve previously featured “Arkangel” and “Crocodile” trailers for the upcoming Season 4 of BLACK MIRROR on Netflix, a trio of trailers has since been launched - along with individual posters - for “Black Museum”, “Hang the DJ” and “Metalhead”.

I had initially thought Season 4 would consist of 5 episodes, with “Black Museum” a newly listed one, and we are missing the trailer for “USS Callister”. BLACK MIRROR premieres somewhen in 2018. Maybe the exact date will be announced with the launch of the next trailer?

BLACK MUSEUM: ”If it did something bad, chances are it's in here.”

HANG THE DJ: ”Find your perfect match.”

METALHEAD: ”Beware of Dogs.”

(Posters via @blackmirror)