Episode 7 Previews & Clips for #AmericanGods

"Based on the international best-selling novel by Neil Gaiman, American Gods follows Shadow Moon as he embarks on a road trip across America with the enigmatic conman Mr. Wednesday. On their journey, Shadow discovers that Mr. Wednesday is in fact one of the old gods brought to this country by settlers long ago, who warns of a war brewing between the forgotten old gods of myth and the new American Gods of money, technology and media. And as Shadow finds himself evermore deeply embroiled in this world of gods among men, he has a choice to make. Should he follow Mr. Wednesday into battle and find out more about his own mysterious past or attempt to reconcile with his recently deceased wife?"

Here’s a preview of Episode 7 of AMERICAN GODS, with Episode 8 being the last of Season 1, looks like the “War of the Gods” will not happen at all anytime soon, which is just as well, as I’d love to see MORE of this series LOL

Is it just me or should we be shipping Laura Moon and Mad Sweeney? I’ve not read the Neil Gaiman novel, so don't judge me, yo! LOL

UPDATED with promos:

Mad Sweeney has about a horde of gold...turns out Mad Sweeney used to be a King. And Laura had a past life, as “Essie”! Once falsely convicted of being a thief, Essie decides it’s time to make that true. Essie worships her god, the leprechaun by giving the only money she possesses…