Weekly Wait vs The Binge: The Viewing Habits of the New Millennium … & My Impressions of #Supergirl Season 2 #Spoilers Ahead!


In this digital age of television, there are essentially two types of viewing experiences: “The Binge” and “The Weekly Wait”.

Folks like Netflix fuels the former, with their releases of entire season’s worth of any particular show that you can “binge-watch” at a single go, or as many watches as it takes, without having to wait a week to find out what happens “next”.

I’ve had the chance to devour all the Marvel shows (“Daredevil”, Jessica Jones”, “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist” this way), and can attest to the addictive quality of needing to satisfy “instantaneous” your curiosity - sometimes regardless of quality of the show.

Then of course there are the weekly episodic airings, which depending on the show itself, would either have you curious and/or looking forward to the next episode “next week”, or shuts your attention down immediately (I have a basic 3 to 4 episode “rule” personally :p). This particular “category” would have you decide to whether to CONTINUE with following the series, or drop them like tasteless morsels left on the tip of your tongue.

Some of my weekly looking-forward to have been “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”, HBO’s “Westworld”, the recently concluded “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, and the current “American Gods”. Upcoming watches include “Dark Matter S3” and “Killjoys S3”!

Then there is the THIRD option, which is a mashup of the two concepts (*which might not necessarily be all-legit viewing choices …) = whereby I (might) wait for a weekly show to build up a collection of episodes, and THEN I binge watch them at a single (or so) GO! A few shows have since fallen into this option: “The Flash”, “Arrow”, and for purposes of THIS particular blog-post: “Supergirl”!

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Within the last few episodes leading to finale of Season 2, we have seen Mon-El macking on Kara Danvers, Alex macking on Maggie, and J’onzz making on M’Gann (this is The CW after all :p), and having Lynda Carter (AKA “Wonder Woman”) and Teri Hatcher (AKA “Lois Lane”) sharing screen-time (okay, fine, along with Calista Flockhart AKA “Ally McBeal” as “Cat Grant”), is just a geekfest for us old(er) fanboys a sunshine-smile of a time! And what about SUPERMAN VS SUPERGIRL? You’d not get to see an incarnation of that on the silver screens, I tell ya!

Episodes before the “musical” crossover (with The Flash) were frankly quite banal, but entertaining, and somewhat “irritating” with both the bubbliness of “Kara Danvers”, and her innate ability to listen to her heart rather than her head (visa versa in the “romance” department though), and getting into constant trouble, but because of her powers she could get away with - not exactly a responsible trait for a role-model, whether the filmmakers like it or not, IMHO.

Kara buys Mon-El flowers = Equality in the new millennium!

But of course there are other positive qualities this series is promoting, besides Supergirl herself, with her adoptive sister’s coming out and having a girlfriend, the constant thread of the “acceptance of Aliens” on the planet, and other per-functionary activities that entertain the comicbook-reader in me (*Notice I did not mention “comicbook-geek”), and compared to “The Flash” (tons of whining) and “Arrow” (tons of destruction and fronting), “Supergirl” comes out as “vanilla-entertainment” - which frankly is not necessarily a “bad” thing, as “superhero-fatigue” IS REAL (in my book), and as easily described as having more sunshine sunny day shots than mostly night=shots from either male superhero-themed shows LOL

And I like “vanilla” - as it tastes GOOD, without the frills and trappings of whipped cream, choco-sprinkles, caramel-drips, and all manner of diabetes inducing additives, IMHO. Vanilla Is Good.

I just wish Supergirl’ll stop putting her clenched fists on her waists so often tho … but that’s just me :p

But was it all worth the “binge”? For the fanboy in me, the answer is a soft “YES”. But there is no necessity to “binge-watch” this particular season, as there is nothing necessarily gripping or threatening enough to tantalize you, IMHO. But it is a decent watch nevertheless.

Ironically I had not planned on binging on this series, after giving up on following it after the HEROES VS ALIENS / “Invasion!” cross-over, as I’d lost interest in a weekly follow soon afters (alongside “The Flash”, “Arrow” :p), and came back to the musical cross-over with “The Flash” - which shows The CW knowing and willing to have FUN, IMHO.


P/S: The following screen grab is NOT from Supergirl, but from FOX’s “Lucifer”, but with “The CW’s Supergirl” billboard promotion in the background! #NiCE

#Supergirl Season 2 Finale watched. A decent ending indeed. #iliketeevee

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