#watched #TwinPeaks S3 E1-4 *SPOILERS Ahead!

After four hours of TWIN PEAKS, I am still left with questions galore, and truthfully, patience waned. Unlike the series 25 years ago, the pauses in-between sentences and reactions were quaint and perhaps even “charming” (as faded memories would have me remember…) … But a quarter of a century later, the nostalgic aspect of Twin Peaks rubs raw and the blister feels a bit ripe … but like the series before, you’re somewhat interested to see WHAT HAPPENS NEXT to the sore, even though you know it’ll “hurt” later, or maybe you’re just fascinated with seeing the pus that’ll come out from it later …

As “gross” as it may have sounded, such is the “magic” of David Lynch, I suppose, with his past lingering camera tracking to see a severed ear (in “Blue Velvet”) … or you can attribute this to the “writing”, which frankly feels severely dated, but in reality is what makes a “David Lynch project”, a “David Lynch project”. Right down to the starring into a gap or hole in the wall, the anticipation of something happening, coming thru in our out of it.

The people we recognise returns. Some good memories, some utterly grating on nerves. Some “special guests” proved to be utterly “WTF?”, while some gives a nice nudge.

The aspect which bewitched me in the first two seasons, now come out in full fore mystery rinse-n-repeat, dopplegangers as varied as the folds of the red curtains in the Black Lodge.

I’d admit part of my “fascination” with THIS particular season, is seeing the “original” actors from the series 25 years ago appear in THIS series, and seeing what had happened to them. I was not disappointed. My morbid sense of “busy-body-ness” was somewhat sated, so THAT’s something to look forward to, if that’s what you’ve been looking forward to, anyways…

The first two hours was a nice catch-up to familiar faces, like a memory-soaked rag of a molotov cocktail, that has not yet exploded in a ball of flame, but is somehow imploding in a ball-of-flame, in utter slow-motion … then everything turns (meta)-physical with magic plants and flickering lights, in-between bare breasts, which frankly unnerved me a tad.

#SPOILER (Episode 4)

Will I continue to watch this series? I really do not know. I want to find out what else will happen to Agent Cooper, and that’s about it. The bloodiness happening on tandem with “the return of Agent Cooper” seems “mild” as compared with the “Death of Laura Palmer” wrapped in a plastic bag, as desensitising as the past 25 years has been to our senses, with decapitations and it’s ilk, alas.

What I know is I am relishing the nostalgia, but for how long that will keep my attention, I do not know as yet.

Maybe I’ll know if and when “cherry pie” enters the picture. It has to, right?

Every episode ends with a different stage performance in the Bang Bang Bar, perhaps to balance out the iconic “Twin Peaks” theme from Julee Cruise + Angelo Badalamenti.

The first performance was by Chromatic, with the track “Shadow” being in tribute to David Lynch’s :Blue Velvet” and Julee Cruise! Apt indeed, in the attempt to create a soundtrack 25 years after their (arguably) groundbreaking soundscape proceeding the hipster vibes of today.

Here are some more videos made by Tech Insider breaking down the episodes until #4 - and yes, it is FULL-ON SPOILERS!