iZombie Season 3 Premieres April 4th on The CW

Season 3 of iZombie premieres Tuesday, April 4th at 9/8c on The CW. the 3rd season will consist of 13 episodes. Here are some stills to tide you folks over til the “zombie apocalypse” … err … I meant the premiere :)

And while I’d devoured Season 1, I’d actually lost interest near the beginning of Season 2, unfortunately … which I’d only just found out >>> SPOILERS AHEAD >>> Major has turned zombie, and Clive found out Liv’s a zombie too? (See video clip below).

PREMISE: "Seattle medical resident Olivia "Liv" Moore is turned into a zombie while attending a boat party. She abandons her career and breaks up with her fiancé, much to the disappointment and puzzlement of her family. She discovers that if she does not periodically satisfy her new appetite for brains, she starts turning into a stereotypical zombie, stupid and homicidal, so she takes a job at the King County morgue and eats the brains of the bodies she autopsies. Her secret is guessed by her boss, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti. Ravi soon becomes Liv's friend and confidant, and as a scientist, he is intrigued by her condition.

Whenever Liv eats a dead person's brain, she temporarily inherits some of their personality traits and experiences flashbacks of their life. Those visions are generally triggered by sights (events or objects) or sounds (repeated sentences). In the case of murder victims, the flashbacks offer clues about their killers. Liv uses this new ability to help Police Detective Clive Babineaux solve the crimes, passing herself off as a psychic, while Ravi works to develop a cure for Liv's affliction in the hope that one day she will be able resume her former life."