GHOST RIDER from Hot Toys Teased (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Version)

"Vengeance is coming! Be sure to stay on the lookout for Hot Toys collectible figure of the Skeleton Driver!"
Teases Hot Toys, for the coming of the obvious GHOST RIDER, from Marvel’s AGENTS OF SHIELD television series , starring Gabriel Luna as “Robbie Reyes”, the stand out* character of the first arc of Season 4!

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This current incarnation of The Rider features a very distinct skull-head underneath the flames, and would be a distinctive difference with Hot Toys’ 2011-release (featuring Nicholas Cage’s head sculpt likeness & the “Hellcycle”), so that’s pretty schweet, methinks! (Remember Medicom Toy’s 1/6 G.R. too? :p). Loads of flaming-skullheads from Marvel thru the years no doubt LOL

In the past I would expect a 1/6th-scaled motorbike to go with the figure (eventually), but these days, I would expect the entire CAR in 1/6th-scale! Will it happen for this release, at all? HAH. As we say in Singapore; ”Wait Long Long ah!”

But who knows - as if I’m a regular H.T.-collector hahahaha … Meanwhile, stay tuned for updates, of course! I


(*“Stand out” to me, because I hoped back into watching the series (becoz of G.R.), and never really went back for the current “L.M.D.” story-arc hahahaha)