#watched #EmeraldCity Ep1-3 + Ep4 Promo

I’ve since watched Eps 1-3 of NBC’s EMERALD CITY, and have enjoyed it enough to want to see a few more episodes, before I decide to continue with it or wait to binge when the series is over LOL

The pace is exceedingly not as fast paced as you might expect, which is somewhat refreshing, if not gnawing at my impatience. Blame modern contemporary police procedurals, I suspect LOL

Dorothy with back history - Check.
Dorothy is pulled into tornado - Check.
Lands in Oz with a dog (NOT her dog at first) - Check.
Dog is named “Toto”, because that is the word for “son” in Oz - Check.
Meets the man who would be “Scarecrow” and names him Lucious - Check.
Walking to Emerald City along yellow-poppy laden brick road, to meet the Wizard - Check.
Kills a witch twice - Check.

Not even going into the boy-turned-girl-who-was-originally-a-girl subplot (whom I have since named “Tips’ Tits”…).

I would understand that more of both the scenario and characters will be revealed and explained in due time, with Tarsem Singh’s earlier (much earlier) “The Cell” and “Fallen”, even “Immortal”, “patience” will be rewarded - if not be for “story” - which with the case with Singh’s films - I could easily forgo but for the beauty visuals, which as of Ep.3, has not disappointed, especially in a television landscape devoid of an overt design language beyond “memory” and “nostalgia”, IMHO.

No spoilers for now, except for what the promo videos have us see :)

Featured above is Ep.3’s "Mistress-New-Mistress”, while the following piece is for next week’s episode, titled "Science and Magic”!

"Dorothy (Adria Arjona) and Lucas (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) are approached by a mysterious young girl who has lost her way. Following a tragic accident, Tip (Jordan Loughran) finds herself caught between two powerful forces - Glinda (Joely Richardson) and West (Ana Ularu). Elsewhere, the Wizard (Vincent D'Onofrio) pays a visit to a village and exacts his authority over its citizens. Meanwhile, Jack (Gerran Howell) has a life-changing experience that leads him on a surprising new path with a unique woman (guest star Stefanie Martini). Joely Richardson and Mido Hamada also star."

(Image Source: IMDb)