TOYSREVIL’s 2016 TV Watches & Top Ten TV Choice Picks of 2016

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As the credits rolls on at the end of the Year of 2016's programs, let's take a look back at what had gone on in our television / internet-TV-screens, with these featuring the amount of programming I have since devoured for the entire year!

In addition to this list are a few Korean TV series (watched alongside my mum), but not in full episodes (she obviously devours more hahaha) and most notably Legends of the Blue Sea, which I stopped after the first episode (just not my bag :p)

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PENNY DREADFUL (S3, after i binged watched S2)

I started watching this year’s seasons of SUPERGIRL / ARROW / THE FLASH - adding on to my-already-following of Legends of Tomorrow - primarily for the “Invasion”-crossovers, and it has been by far the most fun and fulfilling of comicbook-geekery perpetrated in television media, bar none! It has my vote for BEST TV CROSSOVERS without a shred of doubt, thanks!

And while I’ll continue forth with LEGENDS, the jury is still out on Supergirl, and The Flash …. I’ll come back to see what the heck is with “Laurel” returning!!!! LOL

And purely because of “Ghost Rider”, I tuned into Marvel’s AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. … the jury is still out on that and I’m not too sure I’ll be back after the mid-season returns with L.M.D. tho haha

Series which I started, and stayed for a few eps, but ultimately decided to move on from, include FREQUENCY, MACGYVER, VAN HELSING, and even EMPIRE had me struggling to keep interested, with sparse eps in between seen on local cable, but the drama became non as interesting as I remembered it to have been in Season 1, alas.

One surprise watch was BRAINDEAD - something I was doubtful of, but ended up following til the end of the season! And becoz, “Mary Elizabeth Winstead”, I admit :)

Another surprise was LETHAL WEAPON - with whatever gnawing doubts about it, I followed it til the end of the first season, so it was entertaining.

The thrill of LUCIFER comicbook-to-screen premise sort of fizzled out a tad by Season One, but S2 proved entertaining for me to await S3-ish…

Programs which I have yet to watch still, are Netflix’s LUKE CAGE (I know, right?), and STRANGER THINGS (I KNOW, RIGHT???) … and to finish PREACHER (as dulled as I was in the middle, I still owe the fanboy-myself of the material sourced continue it, I suppose) … who knows if these three would’ve ended up on the Top Ten too?

Hell, I suppose I’ve been waiting to binge watch these during the new year, when series are on mid-season break hahahaha - including NARCOS (S2), and South Korea’s GOBLIN!

Spent way too much time online watching internet TV, I admit! But hey, THIS blog needs to be fed too, as much as myself, right? HAH!

Meanwhile, I’ve just started on Season 3 of THE ROYALS and one of the best in-jokes came in the form of the name “Huge Grant” (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) used in the first ep … Can’t wait to see what else 2017 brings!


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