Official Trailer for #Sense8 - A Christmas Special Premiering Dec 23rd on Netflix

The trailer for “Sense8 - A Christmas Special” has been launched, with the 2-hour show premiering on Netflix on December 23rd, and subsequently continues forth with the a new Season Two - consisting of 10 new episodes - from May 5th, 2017.

But why a “holiday special”? Lana Wachowski explains in the video below … reason(s) for which I realised was one of the main appeals of the series to me (i think) - is the notion of being “alone” … 'Misery' always loves company, I reckon :)

*FYI: The video featured above is a lengthier version of the video message above - featuring behind the scenes office production crew - with message coming in after the 1:40-mark. Shorter version viewable here on youtube.