Westworld V Humans ... & #toylife

Drone by @drilone / #Westworld S1E9 from HBO / #toylife

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I am enjoying the juxtaposition of the intensity of Westworld's “Hosts”, and the quiet hum of “Synths” in Humans (Season 2), and while the AMC’s television series has just passed it’s halfway mark (Ep.5 just aired, of an 8-ep run), the HBO series will be seeing it’s finale next week with Ep.10 - and I haven’t even / couldn’t even get around to opine on it too, which is just as well, what with the various theories and dissection online for this series thus far, I’d be nothing more than a “tourist” here hahaha

Nevertheless, taking toy pics with the series are “DRONE” - designed and self-produced by DrilOne (with Westworld), and “M5 BRAVO” is the designation of the metallic red vinyl designed by Jeffrey Lamm and produced by Unbox Industries.