#watched #Supergirl S2E4

Watching SUPERGIRL (Season Two) Ep#4, I was enjoying the opening up of the notion and acceptance of “alien beings” on Earth, and it’s no longer just the Last Son and Daughter of Krypton, or even last Martian, or Daxamite - hell, the true identity of the “Megan” the Martian as revealed in the last sequence included! (*SPOILERS AT BOTTOM OF THIS POST*) - but it as well opens up a whole wide catalog of characters to make their mark on the goggle box - very much like what all other superhero-themed shows on The CW, as they amass an amazing number of characters, and continues to add to the directory, that at this point, rivals their celluloid counterparts in the DC Expended Universe film arena, and catching up to MARVEL’s films, and surpassing their television offerings.

I am talking whole “quantity” here, and not focusing on “quality” of content.

“GOOD” or “BAD”, I do not really need to care, and for now, am enjoying the surge of my childhood comicbook characters made “real” to life, instead!

AND the openess of the gay Detective Maggie Sawyer, and Alex being open to even being WITH Sawyer (oh man, this ep was such a BURN) gives me a smile on my face and in my hearts of the genre going forth beyond just mere spandex, IMHO.


SUPERGIRL S2 Megan White Martian 01
SUPERGIRL S2 Megan White Martian 02
SUPERGIRL S2 Megan White Martian 03

The first/last time Jonzz (and Kara) tangled with a White Martian, was in Season 1 Ep 11: