#StrangerThings' ELEVEN by Plasticcell

Eleven in the form of a 5-inch tall resin sculpture from Plasticcell, Sculpted and hand-painted by @phuongtrvn - as part of their “7 NIGHTS OF TERROR IV” celebration theme for Halloween - which saw 6 characters on sale as multiples on their online shop, EXCEPT for Eleven!

My question to you folks is: DO YOU WANT ELEVEN?

Weigh in in this post’s comments section, or head on to their Instagram @plasticcell or Facebook to let the guys know!

011 (@milliebobby_brown) by @phuongtrvn. #plasticcell #strangerthings #wafflebandit #artselect #artsanity

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#plasticcell #strangerthings

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