#watched #MacGyver S1 E1-2

What “MacGyver” suffers from, is an instantaneous camaraderie between Angus "Mac" MacGyver and his partner “Jack Dalton” that we are supposed to be convinced about, but cannot because it feels too scripted and faux. The “odd couple” schtick feels completely old and retired here, IMO.

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The addition of Director “Patricia Thornton” looses her appeal for her position from the get go, being more of a “field agent” than the role she helms, in the newly named “Phoenix Foundation” (as of the end of the first episode).

The inclusion of “Nikki” felt like a throwaway gimmick to give Mac a sense of continued motivation (nicely resolved with his schtick and only sembelance of reality, that he “does not like to lose”), beyond his constant and irritating smug and smarmy personality.

This is a case of “don’t like his face”, I’ll admit, and his personality adds to the gosh-im-good-atitude/mentality of an arrogant and over-confident cliched-American, that both himself and “Jack” provide an abundance of trash-talking and testosterone mouth-to-mouth slinging, that when they shed tears and show sensitivity+sentimentality, and you’d do a double take. I know I did. I don’t expect characters to wear the characters on their sleeves, but come on!

The “cute fiesty hacker plucked from jail”-cliche wraps up this concoction showing on the CBS channel in the U.S. But I’m okay with “Riley”, because I have since been reduced to a hound-dog, gawking at the ladies, as everything else is leading me to a snore.

This is a prime example of “pretty faces” out-doing the story and scenes.

(From jailbird to hacker, her hairstyle never changes...)

I take particular umbrage at how the (DMZ) zone between North and South Korea was depicted here in Ep.2, which showed an absolute laziness with the approach. Sure, I’d understand the lack of budget and resources, but come on, it’s like treating the viewers are “ignorant” or something, as if they are attempting to entertain the lowest common denominator, who might not care geographically otherwise! Like folks generally would think Singapore IS part of China, because somebody told them so hahaha … hhhmmm a consipracy is afoot!

korea maguyver

The action becomes orchestrated set-pieces, and generic yawn fills the void, while the info-ed aspect of the happenings is like a sell-a-vision commercial telling you how smart everything is, which has made it an utter cliche of the past, bolstered by said smug-and-smarmy narration, trying to deliver scripted sensitivity, in this reboot of the 1985–1992 ABC series, starring Richard Dean Anderson as secret agent Angus MacGyver. Too many "commas", I know, and somewhat how I feel about watching the first two eps ...

2 Episodes in, and I am done and imma changing channels now, Full-Stop.

And if I ever do come back, it’ll be for Riley, thanks :)

WHAT-IS: "Angus "Mac" MacGyver is an operative of a secret U.S. government organization where he uses his extraordinary talent for problem solving and his extensive knowledge of science to save lives. With skills that are only limited by his creativity, Mac saves the day using paperclips instead of pistols, birthday candles instead of bombs, and gum instead of guns." (Wiki)