New #Westworld Trailer from HBO

Imagine of you will, a “theme park”-styled environment, where folks can partake of the olden days of the Chinese pugilistic world, where anyone can involved can be a highly skilled martial arts expert, taking on the bad guys robbing the money carriage, or even be a master reclaiming his/her mantle as the Top Master Fighter in all of China! This theme-park will be called … “Eastworld”

Wait what? There’s already such an idea? And it’s called “Westworld”?


This is the second trailer (labelled as “MATURE VERSION” seen above / Regular Edition below) for the HBO series (Watch First Teaser Trailer Here), with actress Evan Rachel Wood front-and-center in the proceedings, slated to launch October 2nd, 2016.

Come to think of it, with the rapid advancement China has been going thru, they more likely would make this scenario happen earlier, no? Well, maybe in the Virtual World? And of course in my little corner of the world, the role of the female android protagonist will go to Angelababy ~ *innocent-smile*

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