The CW’s #Arrow Season 5 - First Look @ Comic-Con #SDCC2016

"On March 11, 2016, Arrow was renewed for a fifth season by The CW. It will take place in conjunction with season three of The Flash, and season two of DC's Legends of Tomorrow. There will be a four-way crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and DC's Legends of Tomorrow in December 2016.” (”Forced to rebuild, Oliver tries to make vigilantes into heroes on the new season of Arrow, premiering October 5 on The CW.”

The “vigilantes” mentioned include “Artemis” (Madison McLaughlin as “Evelyn Sharp”), “Wild Dog” (Rene Ramirez), “Vigilante” (Adrian Chase) … and possibly “Ragman” (Rory Regan)? I’ve no certain “facts” here, just based off the descriptions on :p

And while I admittedly no not follow the series as much as I'd love to, this particular news tit-bit "shocked" me a tad tho; "Felicity will get a new boyfriend." ... GASP!

Scroll down to video the SDCC Panel for ARROW at the annual San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 20-24)!

"The big bad of the season will be Prometheus, although he isn't the DC created character and instead a separate creation who will fit into the theme of "legacy". The main villain is a direct result of Oliver's actions when he returned to Starling City at the beginning of the series." (via)