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UnREAL returns to our small screens, with Rachel (Shiri Appleby) bumped up to "showrunner" in this incarnation of "Everlasting", after Quinn (Constance Zimmer) had wrestled away the show from Chet (Craig Bierko) in the previous season, which of course is a situation drastically addressed in the first ep here!

An African-American footballer is the main "Bachelor Man-Prize" this time, and the suitors are lined up to meet - not necessarily his match - but the show's entertainment quota requirement, which meant racists, activities and a muslim girl who refuses to wear a headwrap on camera (because she normally does not). Going pretty "topical" all around with all the political-correctness of a blind enraged bull in a china shop, I see!

The girls are hella prettier this time round, with a #HotRachel in the mix, with ep one ending off with the ladies clad in two-piece bikinis, which no doubt folks can look forward to "in action" in Episode 2.

And I realize as I typed the previous sentence, how rude and un-P.C. it all sounds, but that is at the center of this season too, not the very least in the conversations and the behind-the-scenes banter of the production crew - which is wholly uncomfortable and hilarious (I wanted to yell "O.T.T." but that'll make me more of a prude lol), while the crap attitude of cameraman Jay (Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman) is pretty OTT … and you wonder why they can't be fired while there are tons other out there who could do with the job!

Episode One returns in a hustle, stuff happening left-right-center fast-n-furious, and it had been such a treat! But it sucked whatever positivity I had that night watching this, so much so I could not bear to binge the next episode afters … I felt I needed to give myself a "break" in-between all that evil and sleaze … oh man, what a great season this'll be!

ASIDE: UnREAL Season Two is currently playing on local cable (on the "Lifetime" channel on StarHub), but having seen the ep online, I seriously doubt many of the scenes and imagery might make it to cable, IMHO.

Rachel, oh Rachel... watching S2E1 #UNREAL #iliketeevee .., "Here's to booze and fancy clothes!"

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