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Episode 7 certainly held some surprises, some unexpected, some inevitable. The way this season of Showtime's PENNY DREADFUL had been playing out, the conclusion of certain threads does not necessarily hold much intrigue as for how the story unfolds, as much as the inevitability that awaits it. And this is in no way a negative critique about the show, as I adore it to bits, and am able to enjoy the story unfolding without the fear of being "surprised for the sake of being surprised", IMHO.

Vanessa and Sweet carnally consummating their love for each other at the end of Ep6, starts off this season … and from henceforth in this post - STORY SPOILERS AHEAD*

The Creature / John Claire reunites with his pre-dead family, and tells his wife the WHOLE TRUTH. This is so utterly refreshing - this "telling the truth" thing - and I am elated for this family (even tho I still ship John and Vanessa, but looks like this is not going to happen now, innit?).

Dorian Grey giving up Lily to Dr Frankenstein and Dr Jekyll, was an inevitability, to which he alludes to "being bored", and I absolutely understand his POV LOL

Personally, the "Bride of Frankenstein" story-thread got bored real quick, IMHO, and only somewhat served as a bridging device for Dorian and Frankenstein, and a by-now-unwelcomed distraction, as much "oomph" as the actress could provide…

As far as I am concerned, this is "propping heaven" to me hahahaha #pennydreadful S3E7 #iliketeevee

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After the revelatory conversation with "Catriona Hartdegan" (PD would never be want of strong female characters, one of the main reasons why PD is as successful, perhaps?), Vanessa Ives uncovers the identity of Dracula, and gives her neck to him!? Srsly?

Better the honey-tongued devil that is devoted to her, than the runaway werewolf who swore to be by her side and yet is across the ocean, who is "coming back to make it right"? At least the bloodsucker wants your blood rather than plunge a dagger into your heart, innit?

Be happy Vanessa, be happy with who gives you happiness ...