#Blindspot Returns On Air with S1E11

#BLINDSPOT is back! S1E11#iliketeevee #janealexander

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NBC's BLINDSPOT returned to television Feb 29th with Episode #11 continuing off from their break circa Nov 23rd 2015, with a quick summary of "Jane Doe's" origins, and of how she now deals with the "reveal" (not "knowledge", yet…), and of continuing with her FBI crew as if nothing really happened at all.

Zapata lines up to clear her conscience but needn't go thru with it because of Carter's "possible suicide". Patterson's recent situation with her dead ex-boyfriend gets mentioned and focused on, with the introduction of a new never before seen character, the "resolution" of which I could only placate myself with the notion; "This is just television."

Other than the continuation/evolution of what happens to the crew, by far was more interesting than the ep's plot, as far as I was concerned, with the stakes getting a bit more ludicrous as it drags on. Terrorists able to hijack a plane proved themselves to be imbeciles under the onslaught of 3 x FBI agents, and of course Jane.

"This is just television ... This is just television."


The excitement I had for the series seems somewhat diminished since it went off air in 2015, so either I gather back momentum, or I might loose interest before the Episode 23 ends for Season One.

But hey, that's just me.