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It took me quite some time to get down to watching the first season of DAREDEVIL, not least because of accessibility (Netflix does not operate in Singapore), but because I knew I would require the time to devour the series, if ever I marathoner it, asI had expected I would. And when I did eventually start to, I was not wrong in my assumption.

Perhaps I am used to marathoning by now, or perhaps the series had a tempo what was easily digested and yet remained intriguing enough for seconds, or thirds … all I knew was, if this had been a "weekly" event, I would be wrought with anticipation and anguish! LOL

I feel I cannot accurately describe the fascination and joy with which this series had left me with, as the final creditors rolled by season's end … it would be foolhardy to say this was a "perfect" rendition of the character and story, but it sure is pretty darn close!

When people say "grim-n-gritty", the resulting experience just means more "blood" and angry faces, but in "Hell's Kitchen" which DAREDEVIL and friends operate? It is a "lifestyle" and not a "fictional choice" - which of course is indeed "fictional" by way of story, but not wantonly waved in front of our faces like most "grim-n-gritty" projects are wont to, IMO.

In this simple regard, the stage is set for the drama to unfold, and it is done so without too much cliches, I reckon!

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One aspect which I truly enjoy, beyond the actors, actions and words, are the visual language - the beauty of the shadows, the silhouettes and the restrained color palette - all contribute to a splendid story telling experience. And the little visual clues and cues, really makes watching the series a bonus, like seeing "Steel Serpents" logo on the drugs, and even Gladiator's uniform insignia on Melvin Potter's workdesk!

To the uninformed, this might well fly past their radar, but to geeks, least of all yours truly - this was fun! And perhaps served to placate my geek-senses when some others might have failed? NOT that I would know any better, just spittoon' words or the sake of ~ LOL

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Looks like I can't continue watching you tonight #DAREDEVIL S1E8 :(

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What I also enjoyed, was the treatment of the characters beyond the principals - in this case, Matt, Foggy, Karen and Fisk - and I LOVED how Vanessa had been portrayed. And Ben was done with such emotive respect, which left his ending much more powerful.

My absolute fav HAS to be "Claire Temple" AKA "Night Nurse", with her becoming not just Matt's savior too often, but both his conscience and supporter. A complex role mores than anyone thinks, at least in my own assumption.

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The principals "worked" well in this series. "Charlie Cox" AKA "Matt Murdoch" was a delight, and restraint not leading to melodrama well appreciated … Initially I was not too huge a fan of Foggy Nelson, but he turned a tenacious character worth cheering for too. I was very impressed by the character "Karen Page" by how she was portrayed too! Strong, tenacious women who can take care of themselves, AND others. Let's not forget "Claire" too :)

One did not sit too well with me, was Wilson Fisk AKA The Kingpin. And while not wearing his trademark white suit and pimp-daddy-walking cane had in no way impeded his role, maybe the disconnect came within past and present demeanor. The story told made seen, but somehow it felt as if it was someone else's story told instead … or maybe that was the idea? The past changes the present?

You DA MAN, "Charlie Cox" AKA "Matt Murdoch" ... #watched #DAREDEVIL #iliketeevee

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I realized this as I finished writing this post, and came back for a final edit - that I had actually not ever mentioned the Daredevil uniform used in the final eps! And off memories served, it had not impacted me as much of my enjoyment of the series, which simply says that I had liked what I had seen, and did not hate it enough to turn me off the series ~ LOL

And in that regards, I suppose the tv series was a "success", as it did not necessarily need the "superhero spandex" to be the spotlight and showcase the story, well, at least for my tender senses and watching habit :)

Season 1 of DARDEVIL ended with 13 episodes in April, 2015. Season 2 premieres in 2016.