My Impressions for #Blindspot Eps 1-10

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One of the main reasons why I enjoy BLINDSPOT so much, is how "Jane Doe" welds her weapons. She holds them like a "trained military operator", rather than a fancied Hollywood styled of cock-a-pistol-aside (you know what I mean) - all business and not "a gun is an extension of your limbs" etc.

NOT that I know how it is being a "trained military operator", except 2 years in local compulsory army training, but the stance she adopts, really adds to the realism, I feel. Ironically, as I type this, I do not actually remember looking at how the other actors in this series hold their guns! Probably it's because she is the protagonist (and not necessarily because she is a "female"), and by which this series rests on her shoulders - the sense of believability, and the fascination with the story behind the tattoos,

#watching #Blindspot S1E8 - I've been enjoying the recent few eps tremendously too! #iliketeevee

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On the on-set, I was less impressed with Jaimie Alexander/Jane's fellow actors, and truthfully, but episode #10, my impressions remain the same. Their individual circumstances might have changed (ie: Zapata and even Kurt) but their character arch remains the status quo. Sitting around drinking beers together does not elevate their individual characters, but helps push the show / story along, I suppose.

The bigger developments lies in xxx and xxx. "Bethany Mayfair"'s arc and connection to "Daylight" is an emotional one that is a interesting as the connection to CIA "Tom Carter" is not. Getting his just desserts by Ep10 is well welcomed. To me, there is a difference between "personal story arc" and "character arc", and a lot falls under the former.

Patterson also had her chance to go thru the emotions in the ten eps so far, with a decent time dedicated to her and her BF, which frankly served to irritate, because her BF's actions were tantamount to being purely scripted and non-too emotionally worth vesting in, sadly. Was his death necessary? Perhaps to help write off the character and to push a new plot, which I am comfortable with …. interesting, as there are loads of characters being introduced in each episode, as they disappear by the end or soon afters,

Lou Diamond Philips' characters gets' killed. Kurt's ex-GF appears and leaves, speaking parts given to many a more folks too, which is all fine and good, but in the end, I would have a chance to be emotional invested in the characters, because simply, no one else could out-interest "Jane Doe", somehow including the main cast, IMHO.

As sure as it is the "monster" for the show has been created on the on-set, but there is no other character so far to parallel her, not even the deadpan "Kurt" - who just frowns in nearly every other scene (well, except for the last time he met face-to-face with Jane at Ep 10's end heehee) … nothing else to parallel her presence and reason for being, well, except "herself" … now THAT will be something worth seeing when the series continues in February 29, 2016 - ending with Episode 22 of the first series!

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