Pop! TV: Felicity Smoak from Funko

Personally, the "heroine" of the series - not just because "Ms Smoak" is utterly smoking' (*goes weak at the knees*), but she is rocking! With the absence of a "Oracle"-character, I've always felt Felicity filled the requirement very well indeed!
FUNKO PRESS: "Felicity fans, we got the message loud and clear! This brilliant tech genius is beautiful, strong, witty, prone to accidentally speaking in double-entendres, and did we mention brilliant? We all know Felicity is the real hero of Arrow! Add this you-know-what with wifi to your Team Arrow collection today! Coming in January!"

*Disclaimer: The above image montage is purely for visual references only and does not constitute my devotion or potential stalkerish notion towards Felicity "Smoak" or any deviation thereafter… errmm… yeah! :)