#watched #DarkMatter S1E5

DARK MATTER S1E5 (Non-Spoiler): "The team meet their handler, Tabor Calchek who assigns them to salvage a seemingly deserted space freighter but when the truth of the cargo is discovered, the team find themselves fighting for their lives." (Wiki)

MY SPOILER-ISH VERSION: Episode 5 of Dark Matter sees the crew take on a "job" to salvage an abandoned spaceship, to discover something a tad gruesome and highly unpleasant AKA "Space Zombies" (not really, but just roll with this blatant attempt to score some eyeballs :p), which left our TWO (who looks revising in her peekaboo-second-elipse top *cough) in a bit of a pickle health-wise, but some resolved without reason, which I am sure is of either high use AKA the main purpose of the salvage trip, or will come back to bite everyone in the ass one day … sure as heck as her doing the pace mumbo with number … naaaahhhthat would spoiling TOO MUCH of the "fun" (luckily the screengrab was blurry, juz sayin'…)

Either way it seemed a short tight and not so tidy an episode and somewhat ho-hum for me personally … ORperhaps, being cooped up in outer space for so long does my disposition not well … so flicks like Killjoys suddenly gets their interest factor "upped" in my personal enjoyment, I reckon.

Episode 6 is titled "Episode Six" unimaginatively, and have been since "Episode One" … LOL

Aaaahhhh I'm just under-reacting as I saw the Comic-Con Behind-The-Scenes Reel for Star Wars; The Force Awakens, and everything else seemed to pale n comparison, I suspect … yep.

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