#TVTALK: Reactions to #iZombie 1x02

#iZombie on Singapore cable? Yes please! Warner channel on. Sunday, Ep.2 #iliketeevee

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I could't believe my eyes, when Cable TV (specifically Warners TV) played an episode of iZombie over Sunday evening!

The premise appealed to me (when I blogged about it), truthfully, and I remembered enjoying "Warm Bodies" not too long ago, and embracing the multi-faceted notions of zombiedom and what alternatives to story-telling they could provide me with … I am not that staunch of a bloody zombie fan to cling unto the notions of - for example - "The Walking Dead" as the epitome of "viewing choice" (although I did devour the first season, but lot interest by the half of season 2 :p) … thus, earnestly I watched Ep.2 in full!




SPOILERS: I had missed the "discovery" of episode one (I assume) because by Ep.2, the conceit is already established, and "alibi"(s) has been set. The "knowing co-worker", the "deceived detective", and hell, even the "zombie in the dream" was found! Although the "zombie-turning" device introduced in the story borders too much like Vampires turning the undead - which turned me off as much as it got me interested, I admit …

The most valued redeeming feature I felt was the scripting, or specifically the dialog, which brings me back to the good old days of Veronica Mars (surprise surprise) and even shades of Buffy, but maybe my mindscape has been tainted thru the years, but delivery seemed forced, like hold-your-breath-moments-waiting for one-liners & surprise quips ... but that's just the jaded me I guess … :p

And while I found the show interesting, I would not necessarily wait for, or "chase" the following episode, but would gladly sit thru an ep if ever I chanced across it during channel surfing. And no, I would not avoid it. And New Zealand actress Rose McIver as "Olivia "Liv" Moore" was sorta "cute", so that helps my sexist viewing biaseness (heh) … but then again, "cute" maketh not a "viewing habit", IMHO - which sometimes my short-term-attention span trumps ... Perhaps one sole viewing is not a fair assumption to not give this series a chance …? hhhmmm

I asked Jamie Stubbs AKA Mimic Design why he liked the show (we conversed briefly on my FB when he asked me how I liked the show :p):
"It's different, it's a zombie show and i love zombie movies etc, but it's not the usual zombie fare. It's light hearted to an extent. There are loads of zombie movies and tv shows nowadays, they're the "in thing", but most are boring poorly made things. This is quite well made and in a different perspective. While The Walking Dead is a great serious zombie show, this is the dip in and out of fun zombie show."