#watched The CW’s Crisis On Earth-X: My Impressions & Spoilerful Behind-The-Scenes Videos!

I'd finally finished watching the Crisis on Earth-X crossovers, amidst the hustle of Tokyo Comic Con 2017 and enjoyed it immensely, though not "loving" it as I'd expected to … “Last year’s “Invasion!" felt more "fun" and “stress-free”, while this year's felt somewhat stressful to keep track of everyone; “busier” with tons more characters (but that’s also the fun part, I have to admit :p) … but it is nevertheless still a worthwhile enjoyable time spent watching, and cringing constantly, and air-punching repeatedly, and shedding a few tears while the melodrama swirled around like Red Tornado’s vortex!

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Above: Last year’s line-up :)
Below: This year’s line-up!

At the end of the geek-day, I would prefer to enjoy myself and have fun, and not need anything "life-changingly awesome", as most folks oft attempted to do, but come out lacking, IMHO. I am trying not to mean you, #JusticeLeague, but in truth, both mediums are playing in different leagues, even though they are in a similar genre of geek-media these day and age, and I am fine with that. I appreciate the "options".

While not focusing too much on the “cerebral”-aspect of the story (NOT that it was “brainless”, but…), the crossover succeeds in providing the entertainment value it now has on mass television, in a genre no longer as “niche” as it had been in the sub-culture of “comicbooks” all these decades, IMHO. So THAT is plenty appreciated!

Not a rock-steady “10”, but an encouraging “6”, for “FUN”!

Well done #Arrow, #TheFlash, #Supergirl! But I’ll be back to continue watching DC’s #LegendsofTomorrow only though, sorry :p

#Spoiler #Spoiler #Spoiler #heroesvaliens #cwtheflash #hallofjustice #starlabs

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Now I remember why I liked last year’s - because of the “Hall of Justice” visual treat! LOL I’d really hope the Hall of Justice would make a return tho…


My fav moment in the entire crossover?
When the Nazi-version of the Waverider appeared! Unfortunately it felt under-utilised, but I’m okay with that - I’m not THAT “greedy” hahaha LOL

My fav line/moment in the entire crossover?
At the end when - after Sarah and Alex saying goodbye to each other, Rory pulls Sarah to leave, and asked her straight up; “You hit that?” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ”Shut Up!” said Sarah, as she slaps Rory at the back of his head. Moments like these are “classic Legends”, and reminds you - or in this case myself - how each of the series’ characters and actions stick to he core of each series, and for that, I commend everyone involved for their effort and enthusiasm, which was felt when I watched all four episodes back-to-back (post-airing :p), until days of yore, when I might have to wait a month (or lesser), for the next cross-over issue comicbook hits the stands!

*Yes, I am THAT old, thanks*

Scroll thru for behind-the-scenes featurettes - ALL of whom are *SPOILERS* for folks who have to watched the crossovers.

THE EPISODES to look out for:
Part 2: ARROW S6 E8
Part 3: THE FLASH S4 E8


And while I might claim now - as I am typing this - the cringe-worthiness of the OTT scenes - of which there is many, but the most memorable was “Professor Stein”’s passing, scenes both on the Waverider, and his funeral at the end … I remembered holding back my tears when I was watching then unfold before my eyes, so I’ll still to my gut reactions there and then, thanks!

"Goodbye", "Professor Stein" ... you were the one older and wiser (most times) gentleman in the team, and I will miss your voice and POV ... I wonder WHO will take over his role now that he is gone ...?