WESTWORLD Experience at San Diego Comic Con 2017

Take the Ultimate Test in Westworld's Thrilling Comic-Con Expe...

Available only to a few people at a time at a secret location, the Westworld experience at Comic-Con will make you feel like a millionaire with money to spare.

Posted by io9 on Thursday, July 20, 2017

”The Westworld Experience at Comic-Con recreates the moments before stepping into the park, making you feel like a millionaire with some time and money to spare. Available only to a few people at a time at a secret location (only provided after making an appointment), guests are guided through the registration process by Delos hosts and asked some intense questions to figure out their needs and desires for their park experience.

Visitors are told if they’re a “white hat” or a “black hat” (io9's Germain Lussier got the white hat, as you’ll see), and then they’re taken to a saloon filled with fancy old-school cocktails. There a several Easter eggs hidden throughout the experience—including a Game of Thrones piano tune and signs indicating where the show is going next year (Samurai World, anyone?).”
- reported io9.gizmodo.com, and you can read more here (text via).

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