#watched #POWERLESS S1 E1+1/2

It was until the end of the first half of POWERLESS Episode Two that I decided I could no longer continue watching the new series from NBC, and will probably never know how “Emily” dealt with her team with the “Superhero League” - not so much a “pity”, but the constant bombardment of negativity and downright bullying of the cynical team of folks abusing the bright-eyed girl, was becoming too trying.

I get that this is as “real” as the real-world gets. I get that there might not have been any other way to milk the comedy, and get laughs and air-punches for Emily’s lil’triumphants at work, but the schtick might have worked on “Big Bang Theory” (Actually Firefly” popped into mind first :p), but here?

Doesn’t work for me. And if you want to be sexist, any female less than attractive than Vanessa Hudgens might not have made any difference.

The irony here is that she is the constant “face” in the promos, but sorry I cannot be there to “root for her to triumph”, and I do not have the patience, and instead will go bury the channel in the sand, not my head LOL