Quick Recap for #TheFlash S3E8 on The CW

WARNING: *SPOILERS AHEAD* for Episode 8 of THE FLASH (on The CW)

*Starting with Supergirl S2E8, the 4-part/night crossover on The CW continues with S3E8 of THE FLASH, which sees everything ramped up to include alien landings, alien identification, gathering/recruitment of “Super friends”, group introductions, personnel incriminations, personal angst (of course The Flash is chief of them all - the most emo of the 4 series lol), presidential kidnaps, alien mind control, in-fighting under mind control, Flash saves the day, select heroes get alien-napped.


Hella way to kick things off here! And HELLA FUN! All cramped into a single episode, and the way superhero-FUN can be! And while I’ve not really much images by-way-of-superheroes in action, I have instead much grabs of the Star Labs hangar that looked like The Hall Of Justice! Toldya this was FUN!

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*I recognise “technically” the crossover started with Supergirl, but the “Barry+Cisco jump to Kara’s House”-scene was replayed in The Flash S3E8, so you do not need to fret if you missed that ep of Supergirl - which really should not have taken away Alex coming out of the closet with her mum, and to have Alex kiss Maggie instead. “Cadmus” menace upstaged too hahaha

Next episode will be the Mid Season Finale episode, and will be back to Speed Force-business, with Barry fighting alongside “Jay Garrick” against “Savitar”!