NBC’s “TAKEN” ("Every Hero Has a Beginning" Promo) - Yes, there is a “Taken” Prequel Series coming…

Remember THIS when his daughter was abducted? Well, now you’ll be able to find out how HE got those “skill sets”…

"A young Bryan Mills must fight to overcome personal tragedy and exact revenge on those responsible on Taken, premiering Monday, February 27th at 10/9c on NBC." (www.nbc.com/taken)
This is essentially a prequel to the three “TAKEN” films - which starred Liam Neeson, as the man-on-the-phone, threaten to kill the man on the other end of the voice. In this instance, Clive Standen will play the younger version of “Bryan Mills”.

In local SG-singlish parlance, we call this “WIN LIEOW LOR”.

The series also stars Jennifer Beals and Gaius Charles.

Every hero starts somewhere. The journey begins Monday, February 27 at 10/9c on @nbctv. #Taken

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